August Festival of Seafood In Louisiana, USAAny tourists who are planning to taste seafood in Lousiana, USA should be able to tell. There is nothing better than seafood in season. All guests could savor as many portions as they want. No need to ask about the taste: it will be amazing!

– Delcambre Shrimp Festival
The Delcambre festival is hosted by Delcambre community. The member of this group loves every detail about shrimp and the other crustacean creatures. In the other words, the festival is the celebration made for shrimp lovers. During the five days festival, the visitors would enjoy a lot of activities.

First of all, there will be plenty shrimp cuisine, served in various way with creative sauces. Make the pick: boiled, fried, piquante, salad, etc. There will be also cooking competition and the shrimp mascot. Those who have seafood allergy could enjoy the other stalls; food, beer, souvenirs, etc.

Festival of Seafood In Louisiana

– Arts And Crabs Fest
Seafood has become the profession in Louisiana: fishermen, seafood industry, and seafood restaurant. Through the arts and crabs festival, the tight bond with seafood is celebrated. The main star for the festival is crab. Many talented chef will take part in the festival, presenting the best crab dish they have. In addition to the crab, the visitors could also find delicious local beers.

In the end of the day, the visitors are asked to vote for the “best agen sbobet”. While waiting for the performers, the guests may take a stroll to the art exhibition. It displays the arts from local and international artists.

August Festival of Seafood

– Lousiana Shrimp And Petroleum Festival
The third big festival in August is held on the Labor Day weekend. No wonder, it has thousand local participants, which then attract more tourists to come. One of the highlight event is cajun cooking competition. More corners are also available: arts and crafts, live music, and parades.pp

At first, the title of the festival looks absurd. It doesn’t have any connection. It turns out that the bond of shrimp and petroleum comes from the economic point of view. Both are the source of income for Morgan city. For this reason, the crews are holding the “Blessing Fleet” event and wish for prosperous year.

Seafood harvesting time in Louisiana falls on August. During this month, there are three big festivals: Delcambre shrimp festival, arts and crabs, and shrimp and petroleum festival. Each of them has their own charm. One thing they have in common: serving the best seafood in Lousiana, USA to the guests.

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