Gumbo A Bowl of Special Seafood In LouisianaIf the visitors ask the locals about the recommended seafood in Lousiana, USA, the name Gumbo will be often mentioned. Some might even say that restaurants in Louisiana has the best Gumbo recipes. What is so special about this bowl of seafood?

– The Background
The word gumbo itself is not appetizing for those who hear it for the first time. This term comes from West African word for one of the ingredients: okra. People in this continent know it as ôki ngombo. While cooking gumbo, the cook cannot miss okra, as it will thicken the broth.

Another must have combination of ingredients are roux base and the trinity. To make the roux base, the cook should mix flour and oil or butter. As for the trinity, it consists of three different fresh chopped vegetables: onions, celery and bell pepper. In regular restaurants, two most popular types of gumbo are seafood and chicken and sausages. As the gumbo bowl is out, a portion of warm rice will be served as well.

– The Recipes
It is quite difficult to tell the ingredients used to cook Gumbo by only looking at it. There is no better way to know than learning the recipe.

The shopping part is delicate as the cooking process. When one ingredients is missing, the flavor might change. Thus, the cook must be sure to tick all the vegetables and herbs needed for the dish. Aside from the broux and trinity vegetables, gumbo crabs and shrimp should be there. For the sauce, it is made from okra, tomatoes, shrimp stock, garlic, bay leaves, thyme, and green onions.

Gumbo A Bowl of Special Seafood In Louisiana, USA

Before heating the pot, several preparations are needed. First, the okra should be fried or roasted until it turns brown. Then, start making roux and the trinity. Mix these together. Those who don’t want to use ready-to-use shrimp stock could make it manually by boiling shrimp shells and onion skin for 20 minutes.

It is time for the real cooking. Heat the pot and sautee the mixture of roux and trinity. After five minutes, put in the okra, herbs, shrimp stock and finally the gumbo crabs. To add some flavor, add garlic and salt to preference. Let them simmer for about an hour.

The base of gumbo dish is not complicated, only flour and oil. Then it is mixed with chopped onion, celery, and bell pepper. After savoring the original taste on the hometown, the visitors could try to make the hearty bowl by themselves. In short, the tourists should not miss agen sbobet in Lousiana, USA.

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