Recommended Places To Eat Seafood In Louisiana, USAAmong all the restaurants that offer seafood in Lousiana, USA, there are several repeated names. They are mentioned in magazines, papers, and even by locals! What makes these restaurants so popular? It cannot be described in words. The visitors should come and taste the signature menu by themselves.

Recommended Places To Eat Seafood In Louisiana, USA

– Middendorf’s
The first name on the list is also one of the oldest seafood restaurant in the business line. The owner is Germany, who moved to Louisiana after falling in love with the district. The dishes he served, however, have the original taste from Louisiana. Locals who have visited the restaurants will recommended the fried catfish. Don’t forget to choose the varieties; there are six different recipes in total.

There are a lot of reasons to come back to this restaurant, especially on October. In Oktoberfest celebration, the owner of the restaurant, Chef Horst Pfeifer would be serving special menu: German dishes. Those who are interested to taste the menu could check the menu on the website and book their place beforehand.

Recommended Places To Eat Seafood In Louisiana, USA

– Drago’s Seafood Restaurant
The second restaurant was in the business since 1969. It is a family business owned by Drago and Klara Cvitanovich couple. They also work hard to run the restaurants by themselves. Until now, Drago restaurant still belong to this family line.

One menu that every costumer should taste is charbroiled oysters. The sauce is made from garlic, butter and herbs. The combination of this sauce and a layer of Parmesan and Romano cheese on the top creates heavenly dish. The recipe was formulated by Tommy Cvitanovich, the recent restaurant manager. In the busiest day, Drago restaurant could serve up to 900 dozen oysters!

Recommended Places To Eat Seafood In Louisiana, USA

– The Galley
The history of the this restaurant is quite unique. The Galley is originally a small home catering business. Since 1977, it takes part on annual Orlean Jazz and Heritage Festival. From this event, the catering received a lot of love from the costumers. The number of loyal costumers are growing and now a nice restaurant building is standing proudly.

The signature dish from The Galley is soft shell crab po-boy and catfish filet po-boys. When visiting the restaurant, it could be seen that the seats are limited. Fortunately, the food comes out fast and costumers flow smoothly.

In order to be popular, not all menu in the restaurant should be shining. The Middendorf’s has its fried catfish, Dragos’ offer the best charbroiled oysters and The Galley gets the tasty soft shell crab po-boys. More menus are also available for the costumers to choose. That would add the reason to enjoy seafood in Lousiana, USA.

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