Taking Fresh Oyster Seafood In Louisiana, USAThe secret of fresh seafood in Lousiana, USA is the ability of the fishermen to harvest at the right time and display the dish on the plate. Ticking both standards, the oyster would be incredibly irresistible. Who are interested to learn about the details?

The Prime Time
Planning a visit to Louisiana between October to April? Then make sure to taste the oysters in any restaurants in the city. Even though oysters could be found in any month, the harvest time will surely the best taste possible from the oysters. Pick whatever way the oysters should be cooked: boiled, grilled, stewed, and even raw!

There is no cooking style that could beat the taste of raw oysters in the prime time. It is fresh, tasty and less fishy. No wonder, many people go to the market or buy online from http://multibet88.co and buy a big package of raw oysters. They are planning to enjoy the fresh seafood at home or even share some with friends.

The Beautiful Display
Plating oysters is not only about putting the seafood down on a plate. It takes more effort to display it, especially when the oysters are going to be eaten raw. First, the oysters should be shucked. It is a process to open up the shell and present the meat inside. The problem with fresh oysters is the possibility for the meat to slip out of the shell.

For that reason, it is important to provide crushed ice or rock salt bed on the plate. This bed will help to keep the oysters level. Don’t forget to keep the ice or salt covered, so the water from melted ice or salt cannot get into the shell. Go with acidic sauces to accompany the oysters.

In its prime time, oysters will taste great with any kind of seasoning. Even so, there is nothing that could beat the fresh taste of raw oysters. To make the seafood in Lousiana, USA tastier, keep in mind to pair them with acidic sauce. Happy eating!

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