Top Places To Drink Beer And Eat Seafood In Louisiana, USAIf there is one pairing to compliment seafood in Lousiana, USA, that would be a pint of refreshing beer. They are favorites of locals. Several restaurants are using this concept to attract costumers. Among all the places, some of them serve better food, beer and nicer setting.

– The Blue Crab
One thing that help the restaurant to be popular is the concept. Instead of being the ordinary dining place, The Blue Crab sets the table and chair to fit the Old West. The costumers will have the experience of gathering with friends while enjoying cold beer and chewing on seafood dish.

Compared to the other restaurants in New Orleans Lakefront area, The Blue Crab is the latest to join the business. However, the local owner has proved himself worthy to compete with the other competitors. No costumers will hate the meal since it uses the best seafood ingredients from Louisiana.

– Morton’s Seafood Restaurant And Bar
In order to maintain the quality of all restaurants in Louisiana, an association was established: Louisiana Restaurant Association. One of the most active judi bola member in this association is also the owner of Morton’s restaurant. He dedicates himself to maintain the best serving made from high quality and fresh seafood.

The costumers who pay a visit to this restaurant recommend fried shrimp platter. Not many costumers could stop themselves to order the second platter. In addition to the superb signature dish, the waitress is also friendly. The costumers will be greeted on the entrance and seated almost immediately, except for the busy hours.

– Harbor Seafood And Oyster Bar
Leaving from a nice district like Louisiana is not easy. What about a nice last meal before flight? The locals usually recommend Harbor Seafood Oyster Bar. It is near to Louis Amstrong New Orleans International Airport. Having a meal in this restaurant is always nice. Especially because the location is close to seafood market, which means all the ingredient used are fresh.

Top Places To Drink Beer And Eat Seafood In Louisiana, USA

The most favorite menu on the list is boiled crab and crawfish. Unfortunately, these two signature dishes are only available in season. Another recommended dish would be boiled shrimp. It is the old time tradition for local people in Louisiana to enjoy a pint of beer with nice seafood delicacies. Several popular names are The Blue Crab, Morton’s and Harbor Seafood and Oyster Bar. In some spots, it will be even better with the port as the backgrounds while enjoy their seafood in Lousiana, USA.

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