Great Restaurants That Serve Seafood In Louisiana, USABoth domestic and local tourists love the seafood in Lousiana, USA. It is great to ravish the delicious menu in the best restaurants. However, the portion is relatively small for a slightly higher price. Luckily, there are several restaurants that offer bigger portion with reasonable prices.

– Yellow Bowl
To be exact, the Yellow Bowl is located in Jeanerette. It was just an ordinary small town in Louisiana until the restaurant serves the signature dish: fried craw fish. Instead of experimenting on the recipes, the dish was actually made by accident. One day the stock was nearly out at the busiest hours. In order to keep serving the costumers, the chef fries craw fish. Until now, it is still the most favorite menu to order.

Yellow Bowl is not only making one popular dish. Craw fish bisque and seafood stuffed flounder is the other top cuisine chosen by the costumers. The portion of one serving is quite big. It is definitely a nice place to have brunch.

Great Restaurants That Serve Seafood In Louisiana

– Casamento
Thanks to the vibrant color and unique decoration, Casamento is often seen in many commercials and TV shows. It is the idea of the owner, Joe Casamento to add a touch of Italian vibe to the restaurant. The costumers who have visited the place often compare the interior with a pool with additional Italian furniture.

It is quite difficult to find a signature dish, since many of them are too delicious to pass. Some must-have menu is oyster loaves, soft shell crab, seafood gumbo, meatballs, and spaghetti. The secret behind the outstanding dishes is the cooking procedure. The kitchen is still using old equipment instead of the modern one.

– Druscilla Seafood Restaurant
If the agen bola tourists are wandering in Baton Rogue area, don’t forget to have a meal in Druscilla Seafood Restaurant. It is reviewed by critics from Bon Appetit Magazine and pass the high standard. Since then, the popularity of the restaurant is rocketing.

The costumers basically could pick seafood platters: fish, oysters, crab, shrimp and crawfish. Each of them has different sauce pairing to go with. For those who are not into seafood, they have steak options on the menu as well.

Having moderate price on the menu doesn’t mean that the service quality should be lowered as well. The guests visiting Yellow Bowl, Casamento, and Druscilla won’t be disappointed. They get to eat their orders while they are still warm, in a big portion, served by friendly waiters. What’s more to ask to enjoy the seafood in Lousiana, USA?


Food News Restaurant Seafood Menu

Taking Fresh Oyster Seafood In Louisiana, USA

Taking Fresh Oyster Seafood In Louisiana, USAThe secret of fresh seafood in Lousiana, USA is the ability of the fishermen to harvest at the right time and display the dish on the plate. Ticking both standards, the oyster would be incredibly irresistible. Who are interested to learn about the details?

The Prime Time
Planning a visit to Louisiana between October to April? Then make sure to taste the oysters in any restaurants in the city. Even though oysters could be found in any month, the harvest time will surely the best taste possible from the oysters. Pick whatever way the oysters should be cooked: boiled, grilled, stewed, and even raw!

There is no cooking style that could beat the taste of raw oysters in the prime time. It is fresh, tasty and less fishy. No wonder, many people go to the market or buy online from and buy a big package of raw oysters. They are planning to enjoy the fresh seafood at home or even share some with friends.

The Beautiful Display
Plating oysters is not only about putting the seafood down on a plate. It takes more effort to display it, especially when the oysters are going to be eaten raw. First, the oysters should be shucked. It is a process to open up the shell and present the meat inside. The problem with fresh oysters is the possibility for the meat to slip out of the shell.

For that reason, it is important to provide crushed ice or rock salt bed on the plate. This bed will help to keep the oysters level. Don’t forget to keep the ice or salt covered, so the water from melted ice or salt cannot get into the shell. Go with acidic sauces to accompany the oysters.

In its prime time, oysters will taste great with any kind of seasoning. Even so, there is nothing that could beat the fresh taste of raw oysters. To make the seafood in Lousiana, USA tastier, keep in mind to pair them with acidic sauce. Happy eating!

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August Festival of Seafood In Louisiana, USA

August Festival of Seafood In Louisiana, USAAny tourists who are planning to taste seafood in Lousiana, USA should be able to tell. There is nothing better than seafood in season. All guests could savor as many portions as they want. No need to ask about the taste: it will be amazing!

– Delcambre Shrimp Festival
The Delcambre festival is hosted by Delcambre community. The member of this group loves every detail about shrimp and the other crustacean creatures. In the other words, the festival is the celebration made for shrimp lovers. During the five days festival, the visitors would enjoy a lot of activities.

First of all, there will be plenty shrimp cuisine, served in various way with creative sauces. Make the pick: boiled, fried, piquante, salad, etc. There will be also cooking competition and the shrimp mascot. Those who have seafood allergy could enjoy the other stalls; food, beer, souvenirs, etc.

Festival of Seafood In Louisiana

– Arts And Crabs Fest
Seafood has become the profession in Louisiana: fishermen, seafood industry, and seafood restaurant. Through the arts and crabs festival, the tight bond with seafood is celebrated. The main star for the festival is crab. Many talented chef will take part in the festival, presenting the best crab dish they have. In addition to the crab, the visitors could also find delicious local beers.

In the end of the day, the visitors are asked to vote for the “best agen sbobet”. While waiting for the performers, the guests may take a stroll to the art exhibition. It displays the arts from local and international artists.

August Festival of Seafood

– Lousiana Shrimp And Petroleum Festival
The third big festival in August is held on the Labor Day weekend. No wonder, it has thousand local participants, which then attract more tourists to come. One of the highlight event is cajun cooking competition. More corners are also available: arts and crafts, live music, and parades.pp

At first, the title of the festival looks absurd. It doesn’t have any connection. It turns out that the bond of shrimp and petroleum comes from the economic point of view. Both are the source of income for Morgan city. For this reason, the crews are holding the “Blessing Fleet” event and wish for prosperous year.

Seafood harvesting time in Louisiana falls on August. During this month, there are three big festivals: Delcambre shrimp festival, arts and crabs, and shrimp and petroleum festival. Each of them has their own charm. One thing they have in common: serving the best seafood in Lousiana, USA to the guests.

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Gumbo: A Bowl of Special Seafood In Louisiana, USA

Gumbo A Bowl of Special Seafood In LouisianaIf the visitors ask the locals about the recommended seafood in Lousiana, USA, the name Gumbo will be often mentioned. Some might even say that restaurants in Louisiana has the best Gumbo recipes. What is so special about this bowl of seafood?

– The Background
The word gumbo itself is not appetizing for those who hear it for the first time. This term comes from West African word for one of the ingredients: okra. People in this continent know it as ôki ngombo. While cooking gumbo, the cook cannot miss okra, as it will thicken the broth.

Another must have combination of ingredients are roux base and the trinity. To make the roux base, the cook should mix flour and oil or butter. As for the trinity, it consists of three different fresh chopped vegetables: onions, celery and bell pepper. In regular restaurants, two most popular types of gumbo are seafood and chicken and sausages. As the gumbo bowl is out, a portion of warm rice will be served as well.

– The Recipes
It is quite difficult to tell the ingredients used to cook Gumbo by only looking at it. There is no better way to know than learning the recipe.

The shopping part is delicate as the cooking process. When one ingredients is missing, the flavor might change. Thus, the cook must be sure to tick all the vegetables and herbs needed for the dish. Aside from the broux and trinity vegetables, gumbo crabs and shrimp should be there. For the sauce, it is made from okra, tomatoes, shrimp stock, garlic, bay leaves, thyme, and green onions.

Gumbo A Bowl of Special Seafood In Louisiana, USA

Before heating the pot, several preparations are needed. First, the okra should be fried or roasted until it turns brown. Then, start making roux and the trinity. Mix these together. Those who don’t want to use ready-to-use shrimp stock could make it manually by boiling shrimp shells and onion skin for 20 minutes.

It is time for the real cooking. Heat the pot and sautee the mixture of roux and trinity. After five minutes, put in the okra, herbs, shrimp stock and finally the gumbo crabs. To add some flavor, add garlic and salt to preference. Let them simmer for about an hour.

The base of gumbo dish is not complicated, only flour and oil. Then it is mixed with chopped onion, celery, and bell pepper. After savoring the original taste on the hometown, the visitors could try to make the hearty bowl by themselves. In short, the tourists should not miss agen sbobet in Lousiana, USA.

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Enjoy The Best Seafood In Louisiana, USA At Festival

Enjoy The Best Seafood In Louisiana, USA At FestivalThis is a little secret for those who plan to try the famous seafood in Lousiana, USA–: there are two great festivals. Each of them is a great place to have a taste on the best cuisine the region could offer. Thousands people had enjoyed the party and will definitely come back again.

– Louisiana Seafood Festival
Out of all events in Louisiana, nothing could beat the seafood festival. It is the biggest seafood and music event in the district. Every year, the best restaurants take part in the festival: Galatoire, Drago, Mahonys Boys and many more.

The event takes place in Nolas Woldenberg Park. As for the dates, every year it varies. The visitors are suggested to check the website for the fix date. Make sure to follow the rules set by the committee. There are some forbidden things to carry to the festival: outside food or beverage, pets, tents, and hard sided ice chest. Then, the visitors could bring chairs, blankets, cameras and soft sided empty coolers.

Several things that the costumers should never forget are sunglasses and sunblock. Wearing comfortable shoes is recommended than trying to look pretty. Also, bring a lot of cash. Only few of the stalls could accept credit or debit card.

The Best Seafood In Louisiana, USA At Festival

– Louisiana Gumbo Festival of Chackbay
Planning to visit Louisiana on October? Then add Gumbo Festival to the list. The festival takes place in New Iberia, Louisiana. It is a great place to hold live music, carnival rides and the short track run. Approximately 100 teams will gather to take part of the run and the festival as well.

Guaranteed: there will be a lot of Louisiana agen bola terpercaya signature dishes. It will be more exciting with the music stage. Then on weekend, Gumbo will rule the stage. 2018 would be the 47th celebration of the event. The guests could expect more sensational performances.

There is no admission fee to enter the festival. However, those who want to jump on the ride should purchase the armband before hand. It costs $55 per person if purchased in advance. The armband is valid for the entire weekend. The children will get unlimited rides. It is also possible to purchase the ticket on the spot, but the cost is around $66 each.

Throughout the year, there are many seafood festivals held in Louisiana region. However, the signature Louisiana festival and gumbo festival of chackbay are the biggest. Aside from seafood cooking and tasting, there are a lot of events: music, donation, etc. Enjoying seafood in Lousiana, USA cannot be more enjoyable!

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Top Places To Drink Beer And Eat Seafood In Louisiana, USA

Top Places To Drink Beer And Eat Seafood In Louisiana, USAIf there is one pairing to compliment seafood in Lousiana, USA, that would be a pint of refreshing beer. They are favorites of locals. Several restaurants are using this concept to attract costumers. Among all the places, some of them serve better food, beer and nicer setting.

– The Blue Crab
One thing that help the restaurant to be popular is the concept. Instead of being the ordinary dining place, The Blue Crab sets the table and chair to fit the Old West. The costumers will have the experience of gathering with friends while enjoying cold beer and chewing on seafood dish.

Compared to the other restaurants in New Orleans Lakefront area, The Blue Crab is the latest to join the business. However, the local owner has proved himself worthy to compete with the other competitors. No costumers will hate the meal since it uses the best seafood ingredients from Louisiana.

– Morton’s Seafood Restaurant And Bar
In order to maintain the quality of all restaurants in Louisiana, an association was established: Louisiana Restaurant Association. One of the most active judi bola member in this association is also the owner of Morton’s restaurant. He dedicates himself to maintain the best serving made from high quality and fresh seafood.

The costumers who pay a visit to this restaurant recommend fried shrimp platter. Not many costumers could stop themselves to order the second platter. In addition to the superb signature dish, the waitress is also friendly. The costumers will be greeted on the entrance and seated almost immediately, except for the busy hours.

– Harbor Seafood And Oyster Bar
Leaving from a nice district like Louisiana is not easy. What about a nice last meal before flight? The locals usually recommend Harbor Seafood Oyster Bar. It is near to Louis Amstrong New Orleans International Airport. Having a meal in this restaurant is always nice. Especially because the location is close to seafood market, which means all the ingredient used are fresh.

Top Places To Drink Beer And Eat Seafood In Louisiana, USA

The most favorite menu on the list is boiled crab and crawfish. Unfortunately, these two signature dishes are only available in season. Another recommended dish would be boiled shrimp. It is the old time tradition for local people in Louisiana to enjoy a pint of beer with nice seafood delicacies. Several popular names are The Blue Crab, Morton’s and Harbor Seafood and Oyster Bar. In some spots, it will be even better with the port as the backgrounds while enjoy their seafood in Lousiana, USA.

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Recommended Places To Eat Seafood In Louisiana, USA

Recommended Places To Eat Seafood In Louisiana, USAAmong all the restaurants that offer seafood in Lousiana, USA, there are several repeated names. They are mentioned in magazines, papers, and even by locals! What makes these restaurants so popular? It cannot be described in words. The visitors should come and taste the signature menu by themselves.

Recommended Places To Eat Seafood In Louisiana, USA

– Middendorf’s
The first name on the list is also one of the oldest seafood restaurant in the business line. The owner is Germany, who moved to Louisiana after falling in love with the district. The dishes he served, however, have the original taste from Louisiana. Locals who have visited the restaurants will recommended the fried catfish. Don’t forget to choose the varieties; there are six different recipes in total.

There are a lot of reasons to come back to this restaurant, especially on October. In Oktoberfest celebration, the owner of the restaurant, Chef Horst Pfeifer would be serving special menu: German dishes. Those who are interested to taste the menu could check the menu on the website and book their place beforehand.

Recommended Places To Eat Seafood In Louisiana, USA

– Drago’s Seafood Restaurant
The second restaurant was in the business since 1969. It is a family business owned by Drago and Klara Cvitanovich couple. They also work hard to run the restaurants by themselves. Until now, Drago restaurant still belong to this family line.

One menu that every costumer should taste is charbroiled oysters. The sauce is made from garlic, butter and herbs. The combination of this sauce and a layer of Parmesan and Romano cheese on the top creates heavenly dish. The recipe was formulated by Tommy Cvitanovich, the recent restaurant manager. In the busiest day, Drago restaurant could serve up to 900 dozen oysters!

Recommended Places To Eat Seafood In Louisiana, USA

– The Galley
The history of the this restaurant is quite unique. The Galley is originally a small home catering business. Since 1977, it takes part on annual Orlean Jazz and Heritage Festival. From this event, the catering received a lot of love from the costumers. The number of loyal costumers are growing and now a nice restaurant building is standing proudly.

The signature dish from The Galley is soft shell crab po-boy and catfish filet po-boys. When visiting the restaurant, it could be seen that the seats are limited. Fortunately, the food comes out fast and costumers flow smoothly.

In order to be popular, not all menu in the restaurant should be shining. The Middendorf’s has its fried catfish, Dragos’ offer the best charbroiled oysters and The Galley gets the tasty soft shell crab po-boys. More menus are also available for the costumers to choose. That would add the reason to enjoy seafood in Lousiana, USA.